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Prepare yourself to be amazed, by the Magic of Rudy Uresti. Rudy is an accomplished magician who got his start in Las Vegas. His style of magic is classic with a touch of variety. Rudy uses traditional magic techniques and mixes them with a variety of different skills such as, Hand Shadows, Juggling and Comedic Acting. His show is appropriate for all ages and can be easily set up in a variety of venues.


Stage Magic is nice but, maybe you want something a little more up close and personal. If this is you, then you'll love The Gambler Magic Show. This show takes place on a blackjack style table. You and your guest will stand around the table as you admire the magic being performed right before your eyes. You'll watch as Rudy Uresti takes you on a journey to the days of the Old Southern Riverboats & Western Saloons. Rudy's sleight-of-hand skills will have you checking your pockets and thinking twice before placing your next bet.

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